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As of November 2004, over 40 Million hits
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homepage.nu is not active anymore, we recommend the website builder n.nu instead.

Is your website address too long and difficult to remember? Are you looking for a solution, but can't afford your own domain? homepage.nu provides free URL redirection services which allow you to redirect an easy-to-remember YOU.homepage.nu address to your web site, no matter where it's hosted.

homepage.nu offers the following features:
No advertisements
Unlike most other redirection services which place an annoying popup advertisement on your redirect or require a banner or button on your site, homepage.nu has no popups and requires no advertising on your site when you choose the 'Ad Free' option.
Subdomain address
Some services offer redirection using a folder under their domain, but with homepage.nu, you get your very own username.homepage.nu subdomain address.
URL cloaking
URL cloaking keeps your homepage.nu address in the address bar of your browser when your web site is accessed through its homepage.nu address. People bookmarking your site will bookmark your homepage.nu address, and search engines will index your site using your homepage.nu address. Keyword and description meta tags can also be used with the URL cloaking option.
Path Forwarding
All URIs (for example, http://www.YourISP.com/bob/ is the URL, the URI is /bob/) can be forwarded, so if someone go to http://bob.homepage.nu/links.html they would be forwarded to Bob's links.html page.
Web mail
You can also apply a free corresponding web mail account that, once activated, allows you to receive and respond to mail sent to your homepage.nu subdomain using our web based interface.
Dynamic DNS
We now have a true dynamic DNS service available. This service allows you to point the DNS for your homepage.nu subdomain directly to your IP address, allowing you to have an easy to remember hostname that doesn't change each time you connect to the Internet.
Forward your own domains!
You have already bought your domain name? We also support full domain redirection so that not only you got YourDomain.com being forwarded, but also whatever.YourDomain.com subdomains!

Registering your new homepage.nu address is fast, easy, and, best of all, completely free. Your new homepage.nu address will be activated immediately upon registration, and you can modify it instantly at any time. Don't let someone else register the homepage.nu address you want, sign up now!

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